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The Foundation supports a number of mental health care programs. In 2004, a partnership was initiated with NARSAD-the largest donor-supported organization in the world devoted exclusively to funding scientific research on psychiatric disorders – focusing on basic and clinical research in mental illness. The Foundation has provided NARSAD support in excess of $5,000,000 since the initiation of this partnership in directly funding medical research and has funded 43 NARSAD Young Investigators.

In addition, the Foundation has also provided support to Children's Hospital of Boston, Boston University, Places for People in St. Louis, Missouri, the Fountain House in New York City and Massachusetts General Hospital-Schizophrenia Clinic and Research Program.

The Foundation continues to support Fountain House in New York City, which is a model for the clubhouse concept and has proven its success in New York City and as a guiding light to other clubhouses throughout the United States. This sponsorship is a continuation of Mr. Baer’s own support of clubhouses and most specifically of Fountain House. One of the programs supported is the Scholarship Program for members which has proven to be successful in enhancing the members opportunities in life and the workplace. A similar program is being supported at Genesis Clubhouse, Inc., a Massachusetts Clubhouse.

The Foundation’s support of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Schizophrenia Research Program continues in both the clinical aspects and education through their Saturday seminars for parents and family.

The Foundation has also supported the Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition which is working to develop dynamic changes in employment of clubhouse members and the collaborative work conducted at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts in the creation of a training program in the integration of Psychiatry and Neurology.

In addition, other comprehensive programs have been supported including multi-discipline care of patients.

The Foundation initiated the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. prize at the annual NARSAD Award Dinner. This prize is granted annually to a collaborator of the recipient of the Lieber Award, which is awarded on an annual basis to the outstanding research fellow in the United States in the field of Schizophrenia and Depression. This is a tradition that the Foundation is proud to continue.

In 2006, the Foundation began a five year commitment to Children's Hospital of Boston. The program is a culmination of years of work with the children and families of individuals suffering mental illness. It is designed to help families meet these challenges. This has a direct impact on Head Start and adoption of similar programs internationally.

The Foundation has supported Independence Center in its move to a new clubhouse facility in St. Louis. That clubhouse was opened in the fall of 2007 at which time the second floor was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Baer.

Another significant program supported by the Foundation is Boston University's Recovering Program providing support for students at Boston University who are resuming their education after experiencing mental health issues which caused an interruption in their studies.


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